Introducing BluSnap

Our patent-pending wearable cooler that snaps on to your helmet. Stay cool in traffic

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Snap ON, Snap OFF

Attach BluSnap when you want cooling, and it comes off just as easily when you don’t

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Arrive fresh

Say goodbye to tiredness and fatigue, and arrive to work fighting fresh

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An up-close and personal look at BluSnap’s cool features

BluSnap Helmets
  • Personalized Cooling

    Creates  a microclimate around you that is 6-15 degrees lower than the ambient

  • For full face helmets

    Designed to fit your existing full-face helmet 

  • Long battery life

    10h of cooling on a full charge ensures you always stay cool

  • Snap-and-Go

    Snap it on to your helmet in under 30 secs

Cooling In, Sweating Out

Commuting to work on a two-wheeler today means heat, sweat, fatigue and irritation. Snap ON, take your cooling with you, and arrive fresh. BluSnap will lower the temperature inside your helmet by 6 to 15 degrees this summer. 

Learn how to use BluSnap from our User Guide

See BluSnap closer

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  • A sip a day keeps the heat away

    Keep BluSnap hydrated and it will cool you in return. You can expect 2 hours of cooling if your reservoir is full of water

  • Air flow even when traffic doesn’t flow

    BluSnap will cool you even when you are stationary

  • Wear your personality

    Choose from 5 different strap designs to suit your style